Jumping To The Sky
Falling for Voodoo. She can be so sweet <3
These boxes are my life now
The bathroom mirror at my new job…
Hopefully buying this GORGEOUS filly tomorrow!!


Horse people are basically like a bunch of overprotective moms who argue about what other people should do with their children and gossip about who’s child is the best.

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People NOT police officers are looting, destroying, and causing damage to public property! The death of a loved one is tragic but that is not an excuse to steal, and destroy! Seriously! This is only about 3 hours away from me, and I can’t even imagine what it’s like, but I just feel that you shouldn’t be using this death as an excuse to steal and throw trash cans at windows. The video I just watched shows people at a quick trip hopping the counter, taking money, stealing goods, and breaking glass. That is not peaceful protesting! And it the police officers job to stop that kind of behavior. When your outnumbered and overrun I think it’s completely acceptable to wear riot gear! If it was my husband i would want him protected in any way possible. I pray for the family’s of the policeman and the family you lost their dear son. May god return those men and woman to their families and help with the families get through their grief….it’s very tragic

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Hungry hungry hippo? 
thatpreppyeq tangos with Mally Man ;)
ⒸLevitt Equine Photography
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*If you remove the caption/credit I will hunt you down and bite you*

Awwww I luv dish one

Spring 2014
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idk 30 second sketches are fun
Ride #10. Graduated to loping circles the whole width of the arena.
Overheard at the Barn


*opens the feedroom to grab something and all the horses nicker*

Non horsey friend: “Wow they really like you!”

Me: “Nope, they’re just hungry.”

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Overheard on a Holiday


*on vacation with my Dad and I wanted to trail ride on the beach*

My Dad: You want to PAY to ride a horse on the beach?! YOU OWN A HORSE. YOU RIDE IT IN A SAND RING EVERYDAY?! Get someone to throw a bucket of water at you and it’d be the same!

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I send this text everyday
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When you haven’t fallen off in a long time and you just know you are due for either a really bad or painfully stupid and embarrassing fall.

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