Jumping To The Sky
Can’t wait to run this roany in his first barrel race tomorrow night!

um yeah so our trails are kind of asdfghjkl

ok Thiago makes my friends horse look like a pony. my friends horse is in fact a ex grand prix jumper, so that’s just how big my horse is
One of the biggest challenges of a horsemen is to be able to control your emotions.

-Buck Brannaman (via palominah)

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Palgrave 2014
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Going to miss this sweet girl. Voodoo died today on the operating table as the vet were taking out a few bone chips in her knee. Something went wrong and she passed away. Can’t believe it even happened but I’m glad she wasn’t in pain when she left. Rest in peace.
Bays for days <3
Two days until we head up to Elizabeth!
Seriously starting to love stealing my hubbys horse to work on barrels lol.
Little miss Voodoo.